"The consequences of human activity on our planet, namely the unconstrained exploitation of its natural resources, shape the ecosystems that will determine the conditions of life on Earth. In 2000, with the growing understanding of the human impact on the environment, a new definition of our ecological time has emerged – the Anthropocene, or “Man’s Age” (from the Greek Anthropos – Man and Ken – New). The immediate effects of this realization can be seen in the destabilization of the modernist perspective, and in the reformulation of the human-nature relationship from a more humble position.
     The exhibition offers different possibilities of blurring the line between the animal and the human spheres, integrating the natural and the artificial, and shifting the physical towards the metaphysical. "
Graphic design for the exhibition "Rewilding — Looking at the Anthropocene" for "Institute for Israeli Art"
Done at "The League" Studio, July 2023
Formats Included:
Installation View / Photographs: Yuval Chen
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