Character design, based on my imagination and three leads question— profession, character, life changing event. I imagined a boy named Mikey, 25 year old from Tel Aviv. Mikey represents the millennial generation, he's a lazy, shy dog walker. He does not know what he wants to do with his life, he walks like a ghost in the big city. Done as part of Illustration course, third year of studies.
Format: 279X420 mm
In the next illustration, I took Mikey and his fictional family on vacation, at the middle of the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. Mikey's family are used to fly to disiered destinations around the world every year, but this time, due to the pandemic, they are forced to settle for a vacation in Eilat at the south of Israel district. With a lack of desire and the Israeli warmth, the family wades into the pool, and discovers the animals taking over urban areas.
Format: 600X400 mm
Some close ups
In addition, I Illustrate the close family of Mikey, and imagined their each spacial personality.
Format: 210X279 mm
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