“Repetitive Delikatessen” is a deli that offers products inspired by Hunter-Gatherers approach.
The brand is based on a fictional personality, characterized by gentleness and endless dedication to her work - she was born in the north of Israel, and has a deep connection to the land and nature that surrounded her. She suffers from OCD, hence the visual language is derived from rigid rules that cannot be broken. Through the study of maps, topography, and geographic signs, new images have been created that correspond with worlds of motion and space in bounded cubes.
The brand is based on strictness, order and clear rules. He speaks of localism, quality, and connection to the land in a sterile and simple packaging. The deli offers a variety of raw materials - dry products in paper packaging, herbs and spices, handmade spreads in jars, juices, dried flowers and fresh ones.
Done as part of "Advanced Branding" Studio, fourth year of studies.
Posters (50X70+70X100), Moving TV'S, Postcards, Different Packages, Tote bags, Warping papers and more.

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